The UK's DIY Satnav Network is Likely to be Scrapped

By Gary Cutlack on at

High level civil servants are pushing the government to see sense and bin the pretence that we are building our own standalone GPS network, even if it means going to Europe and asking very, very nicely if we may somehow use their one instead, or going back to paper maps and compasses, or licking a finger and holding it up.

The plan was to spend a minimum of £5bn on building our own rival to the EU's Galileo scheme; needed because non-EU members won't be allowed to access the super-secure new European satnav system that's being built, because they'll all be using the encrypted tool to send messages slagging off us and our food, haircuts, teeth, Eurovision entrants and so on.

The Telegraph says the call to officially bin it all is being led by Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill, who's telling everyone at the Department for Business that it's an unaffordable idea that ought to be wound down once and for all. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy would not appear to be dropping any hints about the project's status at the moment, though, as a statement said: "We are working closely with the UK Space Agency as it investigates the requirements, design specifications and costs of a UK Global Navigation Satellite System capability," and will continue to do so until the last man is wrestled out of the building and told to stop. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Unsplash