You're Allowed to Drive About Now, But You're Not Allowed into Wales

By Tom Pritchard on at

In what must be the dream of many a Welsh nationalist all over Wales, English people are currently not allowed into the country. Well they're not allowed into Wales to do some exercise anyway, which is pretty much the only reason random people would want to cross the border in the current climate.

This is all because Wales and England now have different lockdown rules. Specifically Boris Johnson said people could go and drive off to wherever you like to get some outdoor exercise, but that doesn't apply in Wales. It's different country, you see, and the Welsh government has decreed that nobody is allowed to travel "a significant distance" for exercise. In other words, no getting in your car to get there.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said as much in the daily Welsh government press conference, and maintained that travelling into Wales was not exercising locally. Also that the police are already concerned traffic into the country will increase thanks to Boris Johnson's widely-criticised new lockdown rules. Because obviously we had plenty of idiots going across the border for a nice little bank holiday jaunt.

Welsh police have the power to dish out fines to people making non-essential journeys, though Drakeford admitted that people would not be fined "immediately" and would be treated with sympathy. So basically if you do find yourself on a non-essential trip to the country, don't be a dick about it and the police might let you go home.

Going to go out on a whim and infer that essential trips across the border are just fine. So no using this to get out of work in your mission-critical place of business. [BBC News]

Image: Pixabay