Wallace and Gromit are Getting the AR Treatment with a Brand New Game

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ever since Pokémon Go hit the scene and made people realise that augmented reality gaming could prove popular under the right circumstances, it seems like every company out there has been trying to mimic the success of Niantic's flagship title. There have been AR games based on Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, even Niantic itself tried to replicate its own success with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. And now that list is set to include Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace and Gromit: The Big Fix Up is currently scheduled to arrive this Autumn, with the two claymation heroes working at yet another of Wallace's business ventures - a fixer-up business called 'Spick & Spanners'. I can't be the only person to question how Wallace gets the money to fund these start-ups, can I?

Details on the gameplay itself are scarce, but the premise is that you're a brand new employee with the job of helping Wallace and Gromit repair the city of Bristol. Bristol because that's where Aardman Animations is headquartered.

But not just a glorified 'walk around and spend money' simulator, because The Big Fix Up actually has a story with a script and everything. Apparently it will involve gameplay, CG animation, phone calls with characters, and comics, all leading to some sort of finale. Naturally that'll all be hosted in the app, which will be available on both Android and iOS devices.

Thankfully it's not restricted to the 724,000 people living in the greater Bristol area, because Aardman has said the game will be "an entirely home-based experience." I imagine there would have been some outside world elements involved, but in the wake of that pesky pandemic it's a good idea to give this feature a miss. Can't have people catching COVID-19 from some dirty bastard who gets all up in your face for no reason.

The game will initially launch in the UK, though there are plans for a global rollout in the future. Which is nice, because we rarely get things like this. [Engadget]