We've Gone an Entire Month Without Coal-Powered Electricity

By Gary Cutlack on at

The ovens at Greggs all being switched off has had a hell of an impact on the nation's power grid, as for the first time since everything electrical was invented we've not required any coal power to run the country for 30 days.

And counting, as the run is not over. Good weather and the uplighters and downlighters of the nation's shops and eating establishments being left off have had the grid running on a greener mix than ever, although generator Drax broke down the numbers and revealed that 30 per cent of our lockdown month's power came from gas, and 21 per cent from nuclear; so it's not all green stuff flowing out of the Dogger turbines and your dad's solar panels just yet.

Fintan Slye from National Grid ESO said: "Within a matter of days we've seen a new solar generation record, and the longest period of coal-free operation in Britain. And that follows two of the greenest months on record at the start of the year, underlining the progress that's being made towards our target of being able to operate the electricity system entirely with zero carbon sources by 2025." [National Grid ESO via Sky News]