Planes Mount Each Other in Low-Speed, Zero-Death Accident in Aberdeen

By Gary Cutlack on at

Two aeroplanes experienced a very slow and uninteresting crash at Aberdeen Airport this week, wedging the planes together as one got into position while preparing for takeoff.

A former Flybe plane and a Loganair jet were involved, and to make matters all the more embarrassing for everyone involved the Loganair plane was... parked. It was the pilot equivalent of reversing into someone's car in a car park. The Flybe-branded plane had no passengers onboard either but was at least moving, and was being prepared for a return to service after spending the compulsory coronavirus flight freeze parked up in Aberdeen.

No one was hurt, if you don't count pride and flawless flight records. And it at least gives the Air Accidents Investigation Branch something to do, which must've been busying itself this last few months with reports of drones getting stuck up trees and reconstructions of wind-up elastic band toy planes being stood on in living rooms. [BBC]