Airbnb Shamed Again, This Time for Enabling "Lockdown Parties"

By Gary Cutlack on at

The same sort of people who've been shitting in Pringles tubes and leaving them on the beaches for other people to clean up of late have been up to new sorts of mischief too, as the horror of the "lockdown party" in rented accommodation has been unearthed.

This is the finding of the normally calm and collected Bed and Breakfast Association, which usually busies itself with guides to eiderdown fold down techniques, pillow-plumping time saving methodology and supermarket sausage taste tests. It says it has evidence from concerned neighbours that lockdown is being ignored by some party-hard groups, who are booking holiday homes in which to have parties, away from their usual homes and the judgement of their usual neighbours, via the usual online booking suspects. Drugs are involved too, and we're not talking about hayfever medication.

Of course the B&B Association is not the biggest fan of the direct-booking apps at the best of times, and they're madder than usual because the apps appear to be flouting the ban on holiday-having that the rest of the industry has been placed under. The association's chairman David Weston said: "It is about time these global platforms took some responsibility for the safety of their guests, their accommodation and showed some respect for local communities."

The BBC says it found that some bookings had been placed via Airbnb, although a spokesperson for the booking app reiterated that it's supposed to have limited stays to those undertaking essential travel and classified as key workers. [BBC]