English Apple Stores are Reopening on 15th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

Announcements about when retailers are going to reopen following the coronavirus lockdown have been slowly trickling in as Boris Johnson makes announcements about what is and isn't okay. Now, though, it's fair to say that any shops that haven't reopened will be open again on Monday - and Apple is the latest to confirm that.

However, because lockdown rules are different in the UK's constituent countries, the four Apple stores in Scotland and single branch in Wales will be staying shut until further notice. English Apple Stores are free to open up from Monday, as is the one Northern Irish branch in Belfast.

As with other retailers, there are going to be social distancing enforcement in Apple's overly-shiny shops. According to Apple's website this will include limiting the number of people in the shop at any given time, social distancing measure, temperature checks, continuous deep cleaning, and providing face coverings to customers. There will also be hand sanitiser available, and opening hours may differ - so check those before you wander on down.

You probably won't be able to play with all the devices quite as freely as you once could either. [The Independent]