Ben and Jerry's Have Put Crisps Into Ice Cream

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ben and Jerry's have come up with some very strange flavour combinations over the years. Delicious, but still strange when you really think about it. That said, they've outdone themselves this time, with a type of ice cream that has actual crisps inside called 'Chip Happens'.

I can't wait for the Karens of the world to figure out what that's a pun on, just to see the outrage over an ice cream flavour.

The flavour itself is supposed to balance sweet and salty, like you'd get with salted caramel products, and has been created in collaboration with Netflix's amateur baking show Nailed It!. Inside is chocolate ice cream, bits of fudge, and the salty crisps that give the ice cream its name.

This particular flavour has been out in the US for a while, but it's now making its way to the UK by the end of the month. You'll have to head to Asda to buy a tub, though, and it's going to cost you £4.50 a pop. That's about normal price for Ben and Jerry's, though I would personally wait until it gets discounted a bit.

It all sounds a bit weird, but the final result may well be damn delicious. We'll just have to try it to find out for sure. [Metro]