Boris Johnson's Coronavirus Tumult Gets the TV Dramatisation Treatment

By Gary Cutlack on at

Another clown car crash is about to emerge from the Westminster big top, as news has emerged that no less a filmmaker than Michael Winterbottom is preparing to direct a TV drama about our prime minister's calamitous and self-infected handling of the coronavirus crisis.

Production company Freemantle says we can expect to see the "extraordinary period in the life of UK prime minister" brought to life, without mentioning who's going to get the call to bulk up and put on the comedy wig. Here's part of the extremely weird description:

"From Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister and discovery of the first UK cases of COVID-19 through falling critically ill, to a recovery that coincided with the arrival of his new son – the high-end drama will cover some of the most staggering real-life events to ever befall a UK leader, culminating in coronavirus claiming more lives in Britain than anywhere else in Europe."

Richard Brown is one of the executive producers of the unnamed Johnson vehicle, which is quite the thing as he was behind HBO's True Detective series. This won't be much like that, though. More deaths for a start. [Independent]