BT Assumes Children Don't Already Have World-Leading Digital Skills

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT is launching its own take on the gaming app today, releasing a Digital Dash hub for children aged between 7 and 10. There's an extremely vague STEM and digital skills approach within it, although we suspect it's not going to be troubling the Open University when it comes to home learning.

The idea is to create an "athlete avatar" with which to partake in a live virtual sports day, supposedly honing a child's digital skills in the process; as if nine-year-olds aren't already the most digitally skilled natives of all time and entirely at home with touchscreen controls and insulting strangers in a way dad will never be able to understand.

It's all a bit bizarre and like a random lockdown collection of thrown together ideas has come to life, with BT promising that six of the best avatars will be chosen to compete against each other in a live tournament hosted by Dame Kelly Holmes and Reggie Yates on July 23, with the promise of free tech on offer for winners. Although the prizes are only for the schools of the winners, not the actual winners themselves. Good luck competing with Fortnite and Netflix with this oddly worthy effort, BT. [Digital Dash]