MP Tells Consumers to Read the Effing Label to Avoid Imported US Chicken

By Gary Cutlack on at

The import of controversial foodstuff chlorinated chicken from the US would once again appear to be on the cards, with one member of the government suggesting it should be left to the buyer to read the label when buying a poultry product, should they wish to avoid meat bred under lower US food production standards.

It's the opinion of Penny Mordaunt, who works as the paymaster general within the cabinet office. She seems to be softly breaking the news to us that cheap bleach-washed chicken is about to flood the UK from the US barns of ill repute, but that's fine, as we can all read the labels and investigate where our meat comes from ourselves. Except for situations when we can't, like in restaurants, and when it's in products, and so on.

Mordaunt was replying to a question from an enemy MP about food standards in parliament, when she said: "I think in this we should be trusting the consumer. If people don't want to put their faith in government we should trust the consumer. I think consumers want high quality, fairly priced foods with high-quality animal welfare standards," which appears to be setting the scene for giving US chicken and beef imports the go ahead, because we... er... don't trust the government to police things properly? [Independent]