Currys Has Kicked Off a 'Biggest Ever' Clearance Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

COVID has done a number on retail businesses, hasn't it? When the shops were closed all the stock was sitting around doing nothing, and even the online dealers had to cope with the fact loads of people didn't have the money to flit it all away on a new vacuum cleaner. But shops are open now, and we're being told spending all our money is the patriotic thing to do. So to help you out, shift some stock, and maybe save you a few quid, Currys PC World is doing a clearance sale.

It's the 'biggest ever' clearance sale, like that description means anything when every sale is allegedly bigger than every one that came before. But a sale is a sale, and discounts can go as high as 60% off if you're looking in the right places. That is not something to be snubbed, especially if you need some stuff around the house.

Deals are available online, but since the goal of shops reopening was to help the shops themselves they're also available in the 131 reopened Currys PC World shops. Not that some people needed any excuse to queue up outside a shop for hours.

We couldn't possibly go through all the deals to point out the best ones, so this is the next best thing:

So if you need some tech, or bits for the house, you know where to look. Since we don't know when Prime day is coming back, you might as well get on this now. Just remember, if you're going to an actual shop you will have to deal with social distancing measure and potentially wait outside for people to finish their own deal-hunting.