Currys is Opening 131 Shops as 'Tech Help Hubs' on 15th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

15th June is when a lot of stuff is going to reopen, and while the day feels a bit like it's some way off, it's actually just three days from now. The latest big company to announce its shops are reopening is Currys PC World, which is reopening 131 of its shops as 'Tech Help Hubs' from Monday.

The reopening process is set to be a phased process, as many companies are doing, but the expert help only seems to be a three day thing. Which is kind of odd considering you don't exactly want to encourage large groups of people to congregate in a single place.

In any case, this is designed to help customers with the gadgets they already own, regardless of whether they bought it at Currys or not. People will also have the opportunity to recycle old or unused tech, regardless of where it was bought, which is helpful since nearly all of the specialist places have been shut since March.

Naturally the shops will have new cleaning regiments, people policing the queues, and in-store social distancing measures, and you will obviously be able to go in and buy stuff. Because opening up a shop is a bit pointless if you're not going to be making any money from it, though customers who want tech advice will be prioritised during the first three days.

Currys PC World is also offering zero-contact click and collect, for those people who'd rather shop online but don't want to pay for delivery or hang around all day waiting for a new fridge. Plus if you want the in-store shopping experience online, there's a new 'ShopLive' service that will let you talk to one of the company's sales people to help you choose what you need.

There isn't a big list of which branches are reopening next Monday, but you can check your local one with the official store finder.