Deliveroo Introduces 'Table Service': Ordering By App in Socially-Distanced Restaurants

By Holly Brockwell on at

The UK is all geared up and ready for Everything Is Fine Day, aka 4th July when things start opening again like there isn't a deadly virus rampaging around the country.

To help people start going back to socially-distanced restaurants in person, Deliveroo has added a feature called Table Service to its app that lets you order food from within the premises without talking to anyone (bliss, tbh).

Similar to the Wetherspoons app that gets people pranking each other with bowls of peas, you sit down at your table and basically don't move again unless you need a wee. Instead, ordering is done through the app and staff bring food to you safely, so you're not wandering around potentially spreading infection.

Maybe this is the model Toby Carvery should be using instead of upsetting its loyal patrons by making them ask an actual human being for a bigger pile of beef.

Table Service will be available to restaurants, pubs and cafés, which will not have to pay Deliveroo any commission for the feature, since 42 per cent of them said in a survey that they were looking at going bust in the next three months. Restaurants that adopt the Table Service option will be offered three months of 0 per cent commission on Pick Up orders as well.

Good Guy Deliveroo is also donating 25,000 bits of signage to eateries so they can help instruct people to stay the requisite distance apart without spending even more money they haven't got. The freebies include queuing poles, floor stickers, anti-bacterial pumps and hand-washing signs. The company is offering PPE at cost price through its packaging store for restaurants that need it, too.

Deliveroo says more than 7,000 UK restaurants have signed up since lockdown, flailing to find a way to stay in business when no one was allowed to come to their premises.

CEO Will Shu whose name pleasingly rhymes with Deliveroo comments:

"Thousands of our restaurant partners stayed open during the lockdown to deliver for the NHS and the vulnerable. It is now time for the government, consumers, and for Deliveroo to deliver for our restaurants, helping them to survive on the high-street as they reopen for dine-in customers.

Deliveroo wants to play a significant role in helping restaurants adopt tech-led solutions to reopen safely, especially smaller partners who otherwise would be unable to develop the technology and face huge financial burdens due to COVID-19. We are committed to developing a wide package of support measures to help the sector’s economic recovery."

With all these good deeds coming out of Deliveroo's pocket, we feel way less bad about ordering our third takeaway this week. Helping the restaurants, see.

Main image: ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels