EasyJet Phases Itself Back into Being an Airline

By Gary Cutlack on at

The orange budget aeroplanes are back in the sky, or at least a few of them are, thanks to easyJet tentatively pushing a big ceremonial lever forwards at its HQ and restarting a few of its shorter routes.

Mostly internal flights from Gatwick, Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Belfast are back on the cards from yesterday, with the first – a 7:00am departure from Gatwick off to Glasgow –   leaving and arriving just as if everything was normal. Except the bleach is melting the plastic and making a heck of a stink, and the cabin crew are wearing masks now; and you can tell from their eyes that the smiles are a little more forced than usual.

The company's chief executive Johan Lundgren is leading by example, and is expected to take a seat on one of the first UK flights for around 11 weeks tomorrow. He's insisting that UK citizens should feel safe enough to have holidays this summer too, saying: "We would hope and would be really looking forward to restrictions being either lifted, or air bridges put in place where it made sense to do so, allowing UK customers as well as people in the rest of Europe to be able to go on a holiday."

Is anyone mad enough to imagine going on holiday in a few weeks' time? [Metro]