Eco-Friendly Energy-Generating Homes to be Built in Wales as part of £1.3 Billion Swansea Bay City Deal

By David Basch on at

10,000 homes in the Swansea Bay City Region are set to be fitted with green technology such as solar panels, heat pumps and Tesla batteries, as part of the ambitious £1.3bn Swansea Bay City deal.

The scheme would see 3,300 new build homes and 7,000 existing homes retrofitted with the DIY energy-generating equipment. The scheme is being touted as a "unprecedented programme of investment in the Swansea Bay City Region, which is made up of Carmarthenshire, Neath Port Talbot, Swansea and Pembrokeshire." All four councils have already given it the thumbs-up, but final sign off must come from UK and Welsh governments.

The purposed scheme is currently being piloted in Neath on a smaller scale, where household fuel bills were cut by more than 60%, according to a report produced by independent energy consultant Andris Bankovskis. A scaled up version of the report was also produced to provide an idea of the potential affect of the green energy kit fitted to a million homes. One of the authors of the report estimated the potential savings to be "over £11bn over 40 years".

The scheme's website states the aim of the project is to "help tackle fuel poverty, cut carbon emissions, and meet the need for more housing". The general idea being that each super self-sufficient home generates the majority of its own energy, as well as some surplus to export off to the National Grid, where it would eventually be redistributed during peak times.

The Welsh and UK governments are expected to put forward £15m towards the £505m project, with the rest of the sum coming from the private sector, as well as energy efficiency programmes in Wales. [BBC]

Featured image: Swansea Bay City Deal