Exploding Kittens' Latest Card Game Can Be Played on Zoom

By Holly Brockwell on at

Exploding Kittens, who make such adult card games as Bears vs Babies, You've Got Crabs and, well, Exploding Kittens, have come up with a new game that can be played over Zoom during never-ending pandemics.

Poetry for Neanderthals has a pretty simple premise: describe words and phrases to your team using only one-syllable words. If you mess up and use a longer word, you get bopped on the bonce with an (inflatable!) caveman's club.

We at Giz Towers thought it'd be a pretty simple ask until we actually tried, and then we did bad at word game.

The results are funnier than you'd expect, and while of course the game can be played in meatspace, it also works over video chat as long as you both have a copy. Obviously the whacking with the No! stick will have to be done by someone in the same room as you, or you can bop yourself.

You buy game now

Exploding Kittens' own website only ships to the US, but you can pick up a copy of Poetry for Neanderthals in the UK at excellently-named board game café Thirsty Meeples' site for £20. [VentureBeat]