Lego Just Announced the Full Range of Super Mario Sets

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've already heard a fair bit about Lego's Super Mario range of sets, so I was rather surprised to hear that we hadn't seen them all. Things change, though, with Lego revealing a huge range of sets that are due to go on sale on 1st August.

The main one is the one we've seen the most of, and that's the Starter Course you're probably going to want to buy if you have any sort of fun with the two. It'll cost £50

Naturally the Starter Course will only go so farm and you'll need to buy expansion packs, power-up packs, and character packs to get the absolute most out of your kit. Or at least mix things up a bit so you don't get bored doing the same course over and over.

Expansion Packs

71362 Guarded Fortress Expansion Set, £44.99

71363 Desert Pokey Expansion Set, £17.99

71364 Whomp’s Lava Trouble Expansion Set, £17.99

71365 Piranha Plant Power Slide Expansion Set, £24.99

71366 Boomer Bill Barrage Expansion Set, £24.99

71367 Mario’s House & Yoshi Expansion Set, £24.99

71368 Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set, £74.99

71369 Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle Expansion Set, £89.99

71376 Thwomp Drop Expansion Set, £34.99 - available only with select retailers

71377 King Boo and the Haunted Yard Expansion Set, £44.99 - available only with select retailers

Power-up Packs

71370 Fire Mario Power-Up Pack, £8.99

71371 Propeller Mario Power-Up Pack, £8.99

71372 Cat Mario Power-Up Pack £8.99

71373 Builder Mario Power-Up Pack, £8.99

Character Packs

71361 Character Packs £3.49