Google Leaked its Own Android TV Dongle

By Holly Brockwell on at

We've unofficially known about an upcoming Android TV dongle coming to the Made By Google range for some time now: leaked renders show a pebble-shaped device codenamed Sabrina.

Now, the dongle has cameoed in one of Google's own videos, and all the details match up.

The Big G released an unexpected developer preview of Android 11 for Android TV, and those clever types at 9to5Google went digging through the files to find goodies.

What they found was this video guide to rebooting the device, which clearly shows the same pebble shape and G logo as the leaked renders:

We've previously heard that the dongle, which will replace the Chromecast Ultra, will have its own remote control with a programmable star button to quick-launch whatever you fancy (Netflix, probably, because the remote doesn't have any third-party service buttons. Annoying).

Photo: Google (via XDA Developers)

Also, unlike Chromecast, the new dongle will run Android TV, so it'll be a proper streaming device rather than just a way to beam whatever you're watching on your phone. Leaked screenshots suggest there's a pretty big UI overhaul coming for Android TV, too.

Photo: Google (via XDA Developers)

According to yet more leaks, these are the specs you can look forward to:

Details that popped up at XDA Developers say that the dongle will come with an Amlogic S905X2 chipset and 2GB of RAM, which is all fairly normal for this sort of device. But that hardware will offer support for 4K resolution and 60 FPS over HDMI 2.1, plus HDR in the form of HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision.

If the renders turn out to be accurate, you'll be able to buy Sabrina in black, white, or Google's favoured 'not pink' creamy peach colour. How much it'll cost and when it'll actually surface are some of the only details we don't yet know. [9to5Google]