How to Pitch to Gizmodo UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

We get through a lot of stuff here at Gizmodo UK, but there are always things we missed. Sometimes it's because we don't have the time, but mostly it's because we didn't think of it. That's why we look to freelancers to help us fill in those gaps, and make sure we're offering our readers stuff that's informative, interesting, and entertaining.

For that reason we're always on the lookout for new freelancers to pitch us idea. Unfortunately we don't have any permanent or semi-permanent positions available for freelancers, so everything is commissioned on a pitch-by-pitch basis. It's all paid work, because we're not complete shitheads, and frankly if we wouldn't work for nothing we shouldn't expect anyone else to either.

The type of content we want

While we cover a lot of different things, we're mainly looking for freelancers to pitch their own interesting ideas and takes on the world around them. We're not looking for purely informative articles like 'How To...' guides or reviews of mainstream products.

We want stuff that hasn't been done to death already, especially if you have a unique perspective on it.

Putting that into definitive terms isn't easy, but if you have an idea that you think will fit us, get in touch. Whether you accidentally pissed off legions of K Pop fans on Twitter, have a strange fascination with TV channels that flog garbage phones, or think people really need to know more about the history of farting, get in touch.

To make it clear, though, we don't want baseless rants or anything that would be classified as "well I reckon...". And naturally, if we've covered something before, and nothing major has changed, we can't do it again.

We'll also take reviews, but we're very picky about those. We want some truly weird stuff that makes you immediately go "why is this a thing?". Like DNA tests for cats, an inflatable shower curtain, a mobile phone the size of a Lego minifigure, the squatty potty, and you get the idea.


We cover a lot here, but from freelancers we're mainly looking for content that covers four main topics: tech, movies and pop-culture, smart design, and UK interest.

Most of that is self-explanatory, but UK interest covers a wide range of topics that's somewhat hard to define. Those features could be a trip to the recycling centre to see how things are done, or it could be a rundown of how much money Boris Johnson has wasted on stupid vanity projects. Essentially, if you have an idea that you think we'll like and our audience will like, get in touch. The worst we can do is say no.

Journalism, not marketing

We want journalists pitching us ideas that will be written by them and without outside influence. We don't want brands and marketeers looking for somewhere to publish already-written work. We're not about that, and if you represent a brand and are looking for coverage send us a press release so we can decide whether it's worth covering.

Most importantly

We are Gizmodo UK, with an emphasis on the UK part. The majority or our readers are from the UK, so everything we do has to be relevant to them. Products have to be on sale here, units should be that weird blend of metric and imperial we cling to, and so on.

So a feature about something that is purely relevant to somewhere like France may be interesting, but it isn't for us.

Sending the pitch

Knowing what to pitch isn't good if you don't know where to send it, right? Hit up Emails should include a draft headline, a rough outline of your idea and what you want to talk about, and what sort of timeframe you're looking at. Let us know a bit about you if we've never met before as well. Where you've worked, what you've written, and so on.

Experience isn't necessary, so long as you have a good idea, but we do prefer work from competent writers. So if you can show us that, all the better for you.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash