How to Watch Sony's PS5 Reveal Tonight

By Tom Pritchard on at

After an understandable delay, leaks, and all sorts of teasing, tonight is the night Sony is set to reveal the PS5 to the world. We think, anyway, because there's a big event going on tonight, and it's the perfect point to tell everyone all about the console that should under our TVs by Christmas.

We're going to be tuning in for all the fun and shenanigans, and so can you. Here's how you can get all the new info live, as it happens, and not after the fact from some sort of internet article.

As is the case with these things, the whole livestream will begin via PlayStation's YouTube channel at 9pm, and in a variety of languages. We'll embed the English language version below, but if you fancy watching in German, French, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, or Japanese, you can head straight on over to YouTube.

The whole thing is supposed to take an hour, but if you are a fan of some kind of internet article we will have some of those on site as well. So if you'd rather read, or just don't want to have to watch the livestream as it happens, we'll make sure you have all the big news. So check back in and see.