Huawei Announces UK Release for P40 Pro+, a Phone Without Google Apps That Still Costs £1,299

By Tom Pritchard on at

Huawei decision makers must be smoking something dodgy at the moment, because their business strategy is to continue operating completely oblivious to the fact that their phones are essentially crippled thanks to US sanctions. How do we know this? Because the company just announced international release details for the P40 Pro+, and the obscene £1,299 associated pricetag.

I doubt I could ever get behind a smartphone that costs more than a used car, but given the current situation I wouldn't even take a Huawei phone if it was handed to me free of charge. So the prospect of spending more than my last holiday on a phone without good app support is laughable at best. At worst it's downright insulting that Huawei is arrogant enough to even suggest it.

As I've said before, Huawei should not be charging full price for its phones right now. Not when Google Play is out of reach, and the only viable alternative only has a paltry collection of apps available. Because as much as it's a good idea to have an alternative to the big app stores from Google and Apple, App Gallery is not ready. It wasn't ready in March, and it's still not ready now. It probably won't be a viable competitor for quite some time.

The P40 Pro+ may have a great camera, and "the world's best 5G experience" (Huawei's words, not mine), but that doesn't make up for the fact it's not got good app support. App support played a big part in the death of Windows Phone, after all. Throwing a brown Huawei Watch GT2 (£149) and SuperCharge 40W wireless charging stand (apparently unavailable separately) doesn't really sweeten the deal all that much either.

Outside China, which has never had Google Play services to begin with, this is a pointless purchase. But hey, if you fancy wasting your money it'll be available from 25th June. Personally, if I had over a £1,300 to waste on a phone, I'd go for a Galaxy Z Flip. At least that's interesting.