Planners Grant Huawei Permission for Massive UK Research Centre Newbuild

By Gary Cutlack on at

South Cambridgeshire District Council has decided it's all just fine to have Huawei build a brand new research centre in the area, and has granted permission for the Chinese tech kingpin to start work on a landmark £1bn custom campus.

The council was entirely considering local issues, mind, with the decision having to be ring-fenced off from the wider political tumult surrounding the phone and infrastructure tech business. The 50,000 square metre site will house mainly data communications engineers, working on new optical technologies; but there's bound to be the odd room you're not allowed to go in where hooded youths sit hacking away, laughing at your dishevelled, so-called work webcam meetings, creating GIFs of any particularly troubling facial expressions to forward to the thought police.

The council was convinced in part by Huawei's promise that around 400 jobs will be created in the area as a result, with planning leader Dr. Tumi Hawkins saying: "There has been a lot of wider comment on this proposal but when we determine planning applications, we can only take into account what are called material planning considerations when coming to a decision. Having spent over 12 months working with the applicants and their technical team on this proposal, the Council concluded that against these requirements, the planning application should be approved." [South Cambs Council]