Hydrogen Train Calls at Whitehall for £400,000 More Development Money

By Gary Cutlack on at

The HydroFLEX hydrogen-powered train that's been in development for quite a few years already has received another lump of government money, this time a £400,000 investment via the InnovateUK First of a Kind programme to fund the final steps in readying the final-final-v2.8c-actually-ready full production design and finished article.

The build is being led by the University of Birmingham, which says the money will also fund the testing of the system, which has already done a demo run loaded with rail executives and free sandwiches; and is so advanced that mainline testing of the engine on actual lines is scheduled for this summer.

The UoB's rail director Alex Burrows said: "To achieve decarbonisation of the railway we need to develop hydrogen technology, alongside electrification and batteries, as one of the means to get diesel trains off the network. The University of Birmingham has world class R&D capability in rail decarbonisation and I am hugely proud of our team as we continue this fantastic innovation partnership with industry to accelerate the development of clean technologies for the railway." [GOV via University of Birmingham]