Boris Johnson Begs Hard-Working Foreigners to Come Back and Dig the UK's Plague Pits

By Gary Cutlack on at

The prime minister and leader of the political party that Got Brexit Done* has asked overseas workers to come back to the UK and do thankless jobs on the cheap again because it turns out that's the flimsy fabric of our entire economy, despite spending the last four years corralling opinion that foreign people coming over here to pick fruit, bleach hospitals and package sausages are job-stealing ingrates at the root of all the nation's problems.

PM Johnson made the staggering turnaround at last night's coronavirus press conference, when he replied to a question about immigrant workers with: "Come back to London or the UK, but you've got to quarantine, everybody has been in lockdown for a long time, I know it's an imposition but we've really got to defeat this virus. But we want you back."

He's not going to get a Christmas card and a bottle of ironically French brandy from Farage this year if he carries on like that. [New European]

Image credit: Unsplash