Internet Reacts to a (Very Possibly Mad) Woman Adding Peas to a Full English Breakfast

By Shabana Arif on at

We Brits love our breakfast. Mostly because our 'cuisine' is comprised of bland root vegetables and sad lumps of meat wrapped in pastry, so we latch onto the two or three good things we do have with an unhealthy fervour. And this absolute heathen has just taking a big fat dump all over one of them, and that dump is made of peas.

The offending act was posted on the Rate My Plate Twitter account and is labelled "Breakfast by Jessica M." Most of it is fairly innocuous - sausages, eggs, beans, toast - but then the chaos starts. With a huge, green pile of peas.

The gammon seems to be a miss as well, but the peas have really upset everyone, as they should. And their presence coupled with the beans is really riling up Twitter. It wasn't quite as bad as that time New York Magazine called sausage rolls pigs-in-blankets, but I suspect if Jessica M was exposed as an American making her way in the British culinary world, the pile on would've been even worse. Brits only have a few dishes of note - fish and chips, a full English... is that it? Probably - and anyone who deviates from it will face their wrath. And that's exactly what happened to Jessica. Observe.

And what was achieved after all that? Not a lot, but then she asked for her plate to be rated. We hate it, Jessica. Soz. [Metro]