Apple is Finally Bringing an App Drawer and Proper Widgets to iOS 14

By Tom Pritchard on at

The key difference between Android and iOS is that iOS homescreen customisation is crap. It's all the apps on all the pages, with very few options to make your homescreen more personal to you.

No longer.

The first thing Apple announced was a thing called the 'App Library'. It's not a list of apps like the Android app drawer, but it is a collection of all your apps in one place - so you're not scrolling between all the different pages to find the one little-used app you need at the time. So far those apps are also organisation by category, so you know what's where.

You'll find App Library at the very end of your homescreens.

Widgets are also leaving that solo screen you have to access by swiping left. Now they're coming to your homescreen pages in exactly the same way that Android has been doing for years. There are different sizes that can be accessed in a single widget menu, and naturally your app icons all move around to automatically accommodate the new widget.

It doesn't look like you can leave gaps between app icons yet, but this is a good (and long overdue) start. It's also coming to iPadOS 14, so you won't get iPhone envy.

Picture in picture is coming to iPhones too, which is one of the main things Apple has been missing compared to Android.