Ireland Zings the UK with Travel Quarantine Plan

By Holly Brockwell on at

Ireland is about to serve an epic burn on the UK by quarantining British travellers while letting other countries through.

According to a leaked government memo, Ireland will be lifting restrictions on certain countries next month to create "air bridges" between places with a low rate of infection. The UK is not one of those and thus it looks like we'll be left out, since the memo called our corona response "significantly poorer" than other people's.

Can't argue with that, really – as Business Insider points out, the UK's official figures show more than 40,000 deaths, while Ireland has fewer than 2,000.

This doesn't mean people from the UK won't be able to visit Ireland, they just won't be exempted for the 14-day quarantine after arrival, which means any planned trips will likely have to be significantly longer than usual to account for isolation.

Nonetheless, it's a blow to relations between the UK and Ireland. The two countries usually have lots of citizens going both ways across the free-movement Common Travel Area across the Irish Sea.

Meanwhile, BoJo is having a think about what to do with the UK's own quarantine restrictions. Presumably we won't need them after the 4th of July anyway, aka Everything Is Fine Day, when the deadly pandemic just kind of ceases to be because the economy's health is more important than yours. [Business Insider]

Main image by from Pexels