It's Official: The Mac Is Transitioning to Apple-Made Silicon

By Joanna Nelius on at

Apple officially announced that it will move away from using Intel processors in its computers to its own custom designed chips, and it says those processors will be faster than Intel’s and consume less power. The company is also designing a family of SoCs for their Mac product line, so there will be a common architecture across all product lines, from iOS to Mac.

All of Apple’s apps on Big Sur will run on Apple’s custom chips, too. Microsoft will make Office work on Apple’s custom ARM processors, and Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro will also run on Apple silicon. “Most apps will just work with no changes from developers,” said Craig Federighi, SVP of Software Engineering at Apple Inc.

Big Sur will also include Rosetta 2, which will automatically translate existing Mac apps that haven’t been updated for Apple’s ARM chip. It will also be able to translate games, like Shadow of the Tomb Raider, to run on MacOS Big Sur. It won’t look as nice as on a dedicated GPU, but it still looks pretty nice on an integrated GPU.

Featured image: Apple