The Latest Lego Ideas Results are In, and They are Kind of Disappointing

By Tom Pritchard on at

Lego Ideas results day is always disappointing for some, because there are always an incredible number of sets to be chosen and it's rare for more than two of them to be approved. Today's results feels extra disappointing, though, because the sets they picked aren't that exciting (to say the least) compared to what could have been had.

Here's a reminder of the sets that were up for review, including a few great looking ones like the Winter House and the Planet Express ship from Futurama.

There's a lot of good stuff in there, including some that wouldn't even need licensing agreements. My bet would have been on the Winter Chalet, Clockwork Aquarium, and maybe the Typewriter as an extra. Turns out I was one third correct.

Lego has included the typewriter among this quarter's picks, alongside the McCallister house from Home Alone and the apartment from Seinfeld. While I'm not verging on rioting like the Bionicle subreddit, which has been dumping huge amounts of support on the 20th anniversary playset, it's still quite disappointing.

I do like the typewriter, though, so my miserable self has that to look forward to.

But this is what we're getting at some point in the near future. So if you're a fan of Seinfeld or fancy recreating Home Alone instead of watching it next Christmas, Stick these on your mental wishlist.

The next lot of results is due in about three months, and has even more sets to get through - including yet another design based on Queen and Breath of the Wild. But something tells me the Space X Falcon 9, which has already been rejected at least once before, won't be making the cut.