Rumours Say Lego's Releasing a UCS Imperial Shuttle This September

By Tom Pritchard on at

The Ultimate Collector's Series range is the pinnacle of the Lego Star Wars range, offering sets that are detailed, high quality, and look generally rather amazing - even if they are expensive. So it's always great to hear about a new set that's on the way, and if rumours are to believed September will see the release of the Imperial Shuttle first seen in Return of the Jedi.

Considering this year is the 40th anniversary of the release of The Empire Strikes Back, it's a bit odd to do a UCS set that's not based on a vehicle from that film. But we'll take what we can get, and the Imperial Shuttle is a pretty nice-looking ship. Particularly when it's in full flight and the wings are unfolded.

The Shuttle did eventually wind up in the Special Edition version of Empire, but only for a single scene, and that doesn't count.

A detailed Imperial Shuttle was released back in 2010, though like the recent Tantive IV it lacked the UCS branding. But it did come with the display stand that sets the UCS brand apart from other hyper-detailed Star Wars ships. Considering retired Lego sets cost an absolute fortune, particularly those from popular brands, it's nice to see the older ones getting remade for current fans.

That said, variety is also good, and anyone hoping for a totally new UCS ship does still have the Republic Gunship to look forward to.

Details are scarce, but as Brick Fanatics points out the last version was 2,503 pieces. So we can probably expect a remake to have more than that - potentially more than 3,000. That's assuming the rumour is legit because, as I said, it's an odd choice for release this year.

We'll bring you more as we know it. [Rebelscum]