Lego's Classic Wooden Duck is Getting the Plastic Brick Treatment, But Only at Lego House

By Tom Pritchard on at

Back in the day Lego was all about the wooden toys, rather than the plastic blocks that made it one of the best-known toy companies in the world. The wooden duck was one of the first toys the company made back in 1935, and to this day is probably the only majorly recognisable product from the pre-plastic days. Well, that duck is coming back, but this time it's going to be in plastic brick form and it's exclusive to the Lego House.

For those that don't know, Lego House is a museum of sorts in Lego's home town of Billund, with all sorts of Lego exhibitions, displays, and activities to do inside. There's also a Lego store attached, and it's one of the few to have exclusive sets for people to purchase - including three dinosaurs, a miniature version of the Tree of Creativity inside the House, and the Architecture-theme set of the Lego House building. They've been available for purchase from the Lego website during the pandemic, but with the House reopening on 22nd June they'll be going back with a friend.

The new set hasn't been officially announced, but Brickset noticed the instructions have been uploaded to the Lego website. Price is still a mystery, but it looks as though we have 623 pieces spread over six building bags. That's assuming I typed all the numbers into my calculator correctly anyway.

The final set sits on a display stand (with a plaque of sorts), and even includes a little pull rope like the original wooden duck.

There's no word on when the set will be on sale either, though given Brickset said the Tree of Creativity was set to be retired at the end of May it seems likely that it will be very soon - even if it's not on shelves by the time Lego House reopens. Your chances of getting it online are slim, however, and your best way of avoiding price gouging resellers is going to be to visit Billund in person.

But who knows when we'll be allowed to do that again. [Brickset]