Lockdown Loo is an Online Map of Public Toilets that are Actually Open

By Holly Brockwell on at

The ever-changing lockdown rules have meant that more and more of us are starting to spend time outside again, particularly in parks and public spaces (hello Londoners with no garden, I feel you). However, at first almost all public loos were still closed, and of course there was no resorting to buying a lemon at Starbucks to get the toilet door code, because all the cafés were shut. Even McDonald's.

Thankfully, after many complaints of men weeing up trees – and the more serious issue of people with chronic illnesses like IBS and Crohn's Disease being unable to go out if they can't access a toilet – loos have started to reopen.

Still, it's by no means all of them, and with the cafés and bars still shut, it can be a mission finding a place to piss in. Which is why some saintly brothers called Thomas and Charles Riley have made a crowdsourced bog map, so you can find a safe place to expel all those ciders you drank on Clapham Common.

The site is called Lockdown Loo, and it includes the whole UK (but not Ireland), although unsurprisingly data is more concentrated in London just because there are more submissions there. Want to fix that? Send them your loo intel!

Currently, there are over 2,000 bogs on the site:

Extra points for "breaking poos," and the fact that their official spokesperson is called Mr Caughtshort. I like these people.

The map includes info about when some toilets are open and how often they're cleaned, but unsurprisingly there's no real-time data about whether there's enough bog roll left to have a shite. Best of luck. [Metro]