Have You Started Noticing Birds Etc. During Lockdown?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists want to have a go at collating the effect lockdown has had on our wildlife, and would like us lot to poke our phones out of the window to record evidence of braver birds, less timid foxes, and all the interesting weeds sprouting around the edges of our abandoned cars.

It's part of the wider Earth Project run by several UK universities, designed to create a database of wildlife experiences, so when everything's extinct we can look back at them and say "Oh, that was a cute one. Shame." Phil Manning from the University of Manchester said: "We are hoping to create a useful shared library of baseline experiences for the public, reminding us in the future of what life and our relationship with nature could be when global public mobility and many pollution-generating activities are reduced."

We think that means he expects there are more birds about and wants photos. Examples of birdsong and night skies are particularly welcome too, before all the cars come back to smoke everything out again. Lessons may be learned about how we may better live alongside wildlife, Manning says, lessons that'll be forgotten when all the branches of Greggs are back open. [Earth Project via BBC]