Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse are Joining Lego's Range of Buildable Figures

By Tom Pritchard on at

You'd be hard-pressed to find a character as classic and long-lived as Mickey Mouse. To the point where Disney has lobbied in favour of extending copyright and try to keep hold of the earliest Mickey movies a bit longer. So it makes sense Lego would design and release Mickey and his long-term partner Minnie as larger-scale buildable sets.

If you're a big Disney fan these are going to be on your wish list come 1st July. The two figures stand at 14 and 13 inches tall, respectively, and come dressed in their classic outfits and kitted out with a number of buildable accessories. Plus there's a base that's been designed to look like an old-school film reel from back in the days of the early-mid 20th Century.

The set is one of the new adult-oriented ones, so it has an 18+ age tag. Not that it's particularly unsuitable for kids, but it's clearly meant for display and not for everyday playing.

As mentioned before the set will be released on 1st July, from the Lego website and any Lego stores that are open. It has 1,793 pieces, and costs £170.