National Rail is Going to Warn You if the Trains or Stations are Busy

By Tom Pritchard on at

Social distancing is generally fine right now when most people are sensible enough to stay at home, but once Boris gets his way and tells the shops and businesses they can reopen, there's going to be a surge in the number of people suddenly having to commute again. That's not great if you're on public transport, but if it's any consolation National Rail is going to add warnings if trains and trains stations are rather busy.

A warning triangle is set to appear on the National Rail app and website, warning customers who are buying tickets that a specific train service is going to be busy. Anyone who signs up for travel alerts will also be warned, and there are about a million ways to have those delivered - including Facebook Messenger and Alexa. Even WhatsApp functionality is on the way.

Not that it makes much difference in the long run, because if you need to get to work via the train you're going to need to go to a specific station at a specific time if you want to avoid being told off by your boss for being more than half a second late. So those busy services are going to stay busy, because most people don't get to choose when they travel.

Naturally the RMT Union isn't happy about the prospect of overcrowded trains, with BBC News reporting that they've threatened to halve services. Because putting more people onto fewer trains is definitely going to solve the issue of overcrowding.

Good thing the government says you have to wear some sort of face covering on public transport. Coronavirus or not, nobody wants to be stuck inside a metal tube with their face crammed into someone's armpit without some sort of barrier. [BBC News]

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash