O2 Makes Many 4G Network Enhancement Claims

By Gary Cutlack on at

Mobile network O2 has sent us a thing which at first glance appears to closely resemble news, as it contains numbers and makes promises and exudes general positivity about the enhanced size and coverage of its 4G network in the UK.

The headline thing we are supposed to be impressed by is a "4G boost in 91,000 postcodes this year" which rather suggests the work has been ongoing since January, rather than meaning some massive ceremonial button has been pressed by the UK chief exec this morning and all the new things activated at once. Other numbers that make this appear to be news are 400 – the number of rural holiday hotspots apparently now covered by O2 4G – and 300, the number of "destinations" where 5G may be found, should you have a phone that does it and be risking going there.

All of this means O2 now claims to have 4G coverage across 18,000 regional towns, villages and hamlets in the UK, and has added 67 "points of interest" to its coverage map so far this year. Which to be fair does sound like quite a lot of work has gone into it, especially as the engineers have had to do it all with very slippery, recently sanitised hands since March. Can't be much fun being up a ladder with hands covered in Dettol Aloe Vera. [O2]