Odeon Cinemas Could Reopen Next Month

By Tom Pritchard on at

The cinema is not the best place to be when social isolating is happening, because it's one of those places that have been deliberately designed to squeeze the maximum number of people into any given space. But the cinemas have plans in place ready for reopening, and it looks like Odeon could be opening up next month.

This news comes from a conference call with Adam Aron, CEO of Odeon parent company AMC. He confirmed that the company's cinemas would be reopening in the US and UK while "optimising the timeliness, safety and profitability of our reopenings".

In other words social isolation and health-related measures will be in place, though the specifics haven't been confirmed as of yet. I guess because it all depends on what the local governments are saying, and how much lockdown backpedalling Boris Johnson has been spewing out.

Existing plans for cinema reopening pegged 4th July as the day they'd reopen here, and Vue has already confirmed it was planning an isolated experience for people to enjoy. So expect your local Odeon to be ready around then, assuming the government doesn't backpedal its backpedalling by then.

The only question is what's going to be available to watch? Christopher Nolan's Tenet is set for a 17th July release, while Disney's Mulan remake is supposed to be out in the US on 17th July. But what else? Trolls World Tour? That's a Universal film, and AMC still haven't confirmed whether the two have stopped bickering yet, so maybe not.

Cinemas abroad have been showing older films as special re-releases, so that's also an option if you're more into the cinema experience over the films themselves. So maybe that'll happen here. We'll just have to wait and see. [Deadline via Gamesradar]

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash