Pilot Sets New Lockdown-Breach Record With Private Plane Flight to Wales

By Gary Cutlack on at

A pilot has triggered an investigation into his random bank holiday getaway, after escaping from Surrey by flying his own personal aeroplane to Anglesey. To go to the beach. It's the lockdown breach that's hard to beat.

Incredibly, the pilot told the landing strip manager that he'd found the airport – the military airport RAF Valley, home to several RAF and Royal Navy search and rescue squadrons – while trawling Google Earth, and decided to fly there without even the common courtesy of phoning ahead, as it looked near a beach and Wikipedia said it accepted civilian traffic. This was on May 25, amid various levels of lockdown. And he's not even a government advisor.

Unfortunately the airport was partially closed for maintenance, and the crew that were there decided he must've been in difficulties and forced to make an emergency landing. But no, the record of the incident explains: "The fire section noted the aircraft and responded, thinking the aircraft was in distress. The pilot informed the crew manager he had flown from London to go to the beach."

It gets worse. He manages to sound worse. The pilot added that it was all fine as he'd already had coronavirus a couple of months back, so ought to be considered above the law and allowed to fly and land anywhere he pleases. He has been reported the Civil Aviation Authority. [BBC]

Image credit: RAF Valley