Surprise, Surprise, People Have Been Causing Huge Queues for Primark

By Tom Pritchard on at

Today is the day that all the non-essential shops are allowed to re-open, and most of the big names have already confirmed that they will be letting people inside to buy products. With restrictions, of course, but they're allowed in nonetheless. As was the case with fast food and Ikea, people have responded to this news by queuing up outside Primark for several hours.

And Birmingham, the largest Primark in England, has had to open its doors early because there were that many people waiting outside. The same goes for Liverpool, which is also pretty big for Primark, which reportedly had 100 people waiting outside before 8am - leading to staff opening up at 7.15.

Of course Primark is one of the few shops that doesn't offer any sort of online shopping, and the clothes they sell are absurdly cheap. If you haven't been able to get cheap clothes for a few months, I can actually see why you might want to get that sorted out as quickly as possible. Unlike a Big Mac, which you could make at home, clothes are rather important, and if you can't afford to shop elsewhere...

Queuing up overnight is taking it a bit too far though.

Of course, it's not just Primark. Most big shops are open today, and there are people queuing up outside. We can definitely make fun of the people queuing up for John Lewis and Selfridges.

If you are going to head off to the big shops, and forgo shopping online where you can, make sure you;re sensible. Stay away from people, don't go if you have any coronavirus symptoms, and wear some sort of face covering - even if its not a medical mask. If you can, wait for the crowds to die down at least.

Image: Dennis M2/Flickr