Specsavers Nominates Everyone for the "Should've Gone to Barnard Castle" Joke

By Gary Cutlack on at

It was the joke everyone cracked in a heady 20 minutes or so in May, when Dominic Cummings made the bizarre claim that he'd taken his wife out for a drive to a castle during lockdown to see if his eyes worked well enough to... drive. And now the legend "Should've Gone to Barnard Castle" in Specsavers style that united us in outraged good humour is up for a national award.

Specsavers itself entered the joke – one of many made at the expense of the government adviser – in the Marketing Week Masters Awards, where it'll go head to head with its own social media creations built by its in-house teams. It'll be a little embarrassing for its ad people to lose to an obvious joke made by everyone, for free, on the internet. But a publicity is a publicity, we suppose.

Specsavers marketing boss Katherine Whitton said: "We love the fact that the great British public feels a real sense of ownership of 'Should've' and instantly thought of us when it came to eye tests. To say a huge thank you for entertaining us so much with the nation's humour and creativity, we wanted to recognise the efforts by entering the Great British public in to one of the most hotly contested marketing industry awards for excellence." [Northern Echo]