Sky Sports is Using FIFA Games to Recreate Premier League Chants

By Alistair Jones on at

We might have been starved of live sport over the past few months, but leagues around the world are starting to return, albeit with empty stadiums. Responses to this have been varied - Germany's Bundesliga teams have allowed players to send in photos of themselves to be set up in the stands, while a Korean baseball team has been using stuffed toys to recreate the impression of a full stadium. Now, as the Premier League looks to restart next week, organisers are opting for a more high-tech strategy.

According to The Verge, Sky Sports is working with EA Sports to create chants and crowd noises - each designed around individual teams - within their broadcasts. With matches taking place 'behind closed-doors', silent, empty stadiums tend to distract from proceedings a little, so Sky wants to recreate "the vibrant atmosphere" of the games.

Sky's approach is impressively detailed. On TV, players will be able to decide whether they want to watch with or without the simulated sound effects. On the Sky Sports website and app, fans will be able to interact with one another, allowing them to "influence the crowd noise they hear on screen." Presumably, however, it might all be a bit more polite than some of the chants I've heard in the past.

This story first appeared on Kotaku UK.