The May We Saw Through the Window Was the Sunniest Month Ever in the UK

By Gary Cutlack on at

Scientists have reminded us that there's the other unfolding catastrophe to worry about too, lest we forget the world's shrivelling up to a cosmic prune, as the data for May reveals it was the sunniest month on record across the UK since we invented the calendar and humans learned to count.

May of 2020 showered the empty streets and fairly empty beaches with 266 hours of sunshine, beating the 265 of previous sunniest month record holder June 1957. In case you're shrugging and thinking "Yeah but there's always been nice months and bad months and it don't mean nuffink so I'm going to take me Range Rover to McDonald's and you can't stop me," the Met Office's data says it was also the sunniest spring it's ever recorded; smashing 1948's record by a huge 70 hours. Plus it was the driest May England's ever had, with some eastern counties having their driest overall spring since... 1862. A Met Office spokesperson definitely did not say "This is fine."

February was the wettest Feb ever, though, so there is that to cling to if you're not convinced climate change is going to melt our fillings to our forks soon. And if you've had just about enough of sweating the Met Office says it's going to get cooler soon, but this isn't a weather forecast so we'll leave it there. [Met Office via BBC]