Fancy a Takeaway Pint but Don't Know Where to Go to Get It? Then This is the Map for You

By Shabana Arif on at

If you've been desperate for a pint from your local because supermarket beer just isn't hitting the spot, you're weird and I don't understand you. But I can still help!

A new website lets you find nearby pubs in the UK and Ireland that are serving takeaway beer, as well as wine, cocktails, and food, and it's up to 700 pubs so far. You can just pop over there and got to town on the map, wildly zooming in and out to get a lay of the land, or filter with the list options; there's a 'London list', and an 'outside London list. Although with such a huge number of establishments added to the site, unless you know the name of the pub you're after, the map's much quicker. There are no takeaway pints at all near me, for example. If you're in London, there's bloody tonnes of them. You'll be drowning in a river of the gold stuff before you know it.

The hospitality industry is set to open next month as part of the third phase of the Prime Minister's lockdown exit strategy, but we doubt it's going to be the same as it was pre-pandemic, and there will probably be a number of social distancing measures in place which may adversely affect some businesses, which is why some MPs are calling for the UK's two-metre social distancing rules to be reduced to 1.5 metres. But that's not happening until July, so bookmark the map and get drinking.