There's a Flash Presale on the New OnePlus Nord Tomorrow

By Holly Brockwell on at

There's been hype aplenty about the new OnePlus phone that promises to go back to the company's roots of suspiciously cheap 'flagship killers,' and it sounds like there's not long to wait.

The hilariously-named (official) Instagram account @OnePlusLiteZThing posted on its Stories that there'll be a flash presale on the phone in 24 hours, with just 100 units available.

The Story was posted at 9am today, which means 9am tomorrow (Wednesday 1st July) is the magic time to try and get one of the very first handsets. Hopefully by then we'll actually know a bit more about it and won't just be committing our money to a random phone, but then OnePlus fans would probably pledge their life savings to anything OnePlus branded, sight unseen (said with love, please don't send us ragemail!).

It's possible we'll also hear about the new true wireless earbuds that are rumoured to be on the way tomorrow.

It also looks like the OnePlus Nord name has been confirmed, by this fairly legit-looking Twitter leak that included the detail about 100 presale phones long before the Story was posted:

So, what are you hoping to see from the OnePlus Nord? It's an interesting proposition to try and make a 'flagship killer' now that OnePlus is itself one of the big guys making flagships. Will they 'kill' the OnePlus 8 with their new device? We shall see. (But, like, no. Obviously).