This Star Trek Supercut Idea Is Some Kind of Excellent

By James Whitbrook on at

Star Trek’s infamous technobabble as its heroes boldly go about exploring all kinds of weird and wonderful alien beings, technologies, and worlds means that, for us mere contemporary humans, it’s often hard to equate just what futuristic weirdness they’re dealing with. And so, we get to one of the most useful phrases in the Starfleet handbook: “Some kind of...”

In the past we saw YouTuber JogWheel make a similar supercut for Star Trek: Voyager, which leaned heavily on this particular bit of silly Star Trek screenwriting. But now YouTuber Ryan’s Edits has applied the concept to The Next Generation, and yes, this continues to make us giggle like children, even as the words “Some Kind Of” begin to lose all meaning roughly a minute in.

To be fair, “some kind of” is probably a lot easier for actors to remember than reams of things about tachyon particles, warp-plasma flows, EPS conduits, and all the other sci-fi tech that Trek traffics in. But putting all the uses of it together just goes to show how perhaps it’s an equivalence that the series leans on a little too much, even if we love it for doing so.

Maybe someone at Starfleet needs to get a style guide out for alternative ways to describe things...some kind of thesaurus? [h/t TrekMovie]

Featured image: CBS