Three is Opening Up 250 High Street Shops on 15th June

By Tom Pritchard on at

Slowly but surely the shops of the high street are coming out of their lockdown-induced hibernation to start selling stuff to the people who haven't fully made the transition to online shopping. Three, the mobile network, not the number, is reopening too, with 250 branches opening their doors on 15th June.

That's just over a week from now, and means you can brave the great outdoors and talk to a real person about your mobile phone needs. You know, instead of relying on a web store or sitting in a phone queue for an hour before finally giving up on the whole thing.

Naturally social distancing is still going to be as thing, and those newly-reopened shops will have reduced hours (10am until 4pm), along with limits on how many people are allowed inside at any given time. If it is too busy customers will be given a time when they can come back and get their phone-issues dealt with. There will also be social distancing stickers on the floor, hand sanitiser stations, and rules that say staff aren't allowed to touch your phone unless absolutely necessary.

There's no hard limit on how many people will be allowed in, and according to Three it's all down to how big it is.

Of course if you can't wait ten days, you can still get some great Three deals online. Like this unlimited everything deal for just £16 a month (on a two year contract) which is available until Monday. You can't beat that price for those allowances.