New UK-US Agreement Could See Space Launches Happen From the UK

By Shabana Arif on at

The UK and US might not see eye-to-eye on 5G and who is and isn't involved in all of that, but when it comes to sending expensive rockets into space, relations are looking much better.

A new agreement has just been signed that will let US companies bring their rockets and all the bits and bobs they need to the UK, and launch from UK spaceports - both those that are up and running now, as well as those in development. The agreement also means that moving all that hardware, that usually comes with strict restrictions - will now be easier, opening up the supply chain. UK Ambassador Dame Karen Pierce said:

"This agreement marks an exciting new area for UK-US space collaboration and represents a significant step towards US companies launching from UK spaceports.

"The commercial space sector already represents hundreds of millions of dollars in trade between our two countries each year, as well as thousands of jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. This new agreement will generate further growth and prosperity for both our countries."

Science Minister Amanda Solloway added:

"This is a key moment for our commercial space industry, and I look forward to seeing companies from Scotland to Newquay benefiting, and the creation of highly skilled jobs on both sides of the Atlantic."

The government has already got the ball rolling on the necessary legislation, while £40m in grants has already been distributed to enable commercial vertical and horizontal small satellite launches. [Government Computing]

Feature image credit: Unsplash