Teacher Unions Deny Scuppering School Reopening Plans

By Gary Cutlack on at

A group of MPs meeting under the banner of the Education Select Committee has accused the teaching unions of deliberately dragging their feet like disciplined children over the school reopening plan, with one Conservative accusing the unions of damaging the entire teaching profession.

Those were the words of ex-teacher and current MP Jonathan Gullis, who added that he thinks the teaching unions have been running a "political campaign" designed to ensure the schools stay closed. Gullis added: "A campaign has been run, whether you like it or not, to breathe fear into parents about the idea of sending their kids back to school... it has come across to parents that schools are death traps."

This was left to Mary Bousted from the National Education Union to defuse, which she did by explaining that the UK and England in particular has some of the highest pupil-teacher ratios in its schools, making any form of full-time reopening with social distancing in place pretty much a non-starter. When pressed on a possible full reopening in England this September, Bousted did not have any positive messages either, and said: "If the government retains its social distancing rules then they can't." [BBC]