Statistically Nearly Everyone Rages Against US Chlorinated Chicken Arriving Here

By Gary Cutlack on at

Loads of our politicians would appear to be preparing to die on a hill that smells of bleach and is covered in raw chicken carcasses, as ministers yet again refuse to completely rule out lowering our food standards to allow US meat imports in – despite the fact that the UK population is now well aware of and raging against the concept of poorly managed American farmed animal products.

A survey of consumers found that over 90 per cent of people asked were against the very concept of US meat bred so poorly all the shit has to be bleached off it before it's allowed out of the factory, with the Populus poll for Which? asking 2,078 adults for their brand new opinions on the controversial importation of low grade intensive US foodstuffs. If the government's hoping to sneak US chicken into the country without anyone noticing it's extremely out of luck, as 95 per cent of those asked said we should keep to our existing food standards regime and not bend the rules to please American trade negotiators.

Sue Davies from Which? said: "Food standards in the UK must not be compromised by any trade deal that would betray decades of progress on food safety, quality and animal welfare. The government must legislate to protect food standards in the Trade Bill or Agriculture Bill to reassure consumers and send a positive message that Britain wants to strike ambitious trade deals that enhance food standards worldwide."

The latest on government negotiations with the US hints that a twin-levy approach may be on offer, where meats not meeting out best hygiene standards may still be allowed in – but only if producers pay higher tariffs. [Independent]

Image credit: Unsplash